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The Body & Sole Clinic

204 High Street



RM12 6QP

01708 476677

Holistic Massage in Hornchurch

Based in Hornchurch we can easily assist patients from Upminster, Gidea Park, Emerson Park, Romford, Cranham and other surrounding areas

The term 'holistic' comes from the Greek word 'holos' meaning whole.  The holistic approach takes into account the person's whole being, and not just the physical symptoms or problems. Treatment thus takes into account the effect on the body arising from psychology, environment and nutrition.


A Holistic Massage is an individual massage treatment that is specifically tailored to each client.  A true holistic massage is unique, following no fixed routine and focusing on more than just superficial aches and pains.  It enables the person to improve their health and re-establish their body's natural equilibrium, known as homeostasis.


The training for a Holistic Massage therapist is quite extensive, as it not only covers massage, but also anatomy and physiology, nutrition and general health.


During your first consultation with your therapist, you will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire.  This will take into account every aspect of your health, family history and lifestyle.  From this information the therapist can put together a profile for you and tailor the massage to suit you personally.



Who is Holistic Massage for?


Holistic Massage Therapy is for anyone who would like to attain better health through the benefits of a relaxed body and mind, some of which are:


Improved posture and muscle tone

A better ability to deal with the pressures in life

Improved sleep and digestion

A better understanding of your body and inner-self


Sessions last 60 minutes.

Call our clinic in Hornchurch today to arrange an appointment on 01708 476677.