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The Body & Sole Clinic

204 High Street



RM12 6QP

01708 476677

Nutritional Therapy in Hornchurch

Based in Hornchurch we can easily assist patients from Upminster, Gidea Park, Emerson Park, Romford, Cranham and other surrounding areas

What is Nutritional Therapy?


Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of optimum health, peak performance, disease prevention and patient care.  Nutritional Therapists must meet the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Nutritional Therapy (and are currently coming under voluntary regulation).  It is suitable for all age groups.


Nutritional Therapists use carefully compiled individual prescriptions for diet and lifestyle in order to alleviate or prevent ailments and promote optimal health.  This encompasses the use of supplements (essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, plus other natural compounds) in order to correct nutritional imbalances which may be contributing to poor health.  The emphasis is on tailoring recommendations to the individual’s circumstances.


Good nutrition maintains and enhances a state of well-being.  Nutrition can be a powerful factor in regaining good health, but it is also important for prevention of illness.  In research, dietary factors have been implicated in the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, some cancers and other degenerative diseases.


A doctor’s referral is not required but it is expected that you (or we) notify your GP that you are seeking nutritional advice if you are currently undergoing medical treatment, particularly if you are on medication.  Interactions between drugs and nutrients must always be taken into account by Nutritional Therapists.  Nutritional therapy is never a substitute for medical treatment but can be a very useful adjunct to it.



What happens during a Nutrition Consultation?


You will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to the first consultation.


We will examine your current health problems, medical and family history, plus diet and lifestyle factors obtained from your questionnaire.  We will identify possible biochemical imbalances as well as nutritional deficiencies which may be contributing to your specific health problems.  We aim to support the efficiency of metabolic pathways and reduce toxin exposure in order to boost the body’s ability to cope with stress, infection and disease.


At the end of the consultation you will receive a personalised dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplement programme to follow for approximately 4 weeks.  Where appropriate functional laboratory tests will be recommended.  Follow-up consultations are advised in order to assess progress and make adjustments to your programme.  Intervals between consultations vary but average between 4-8 weeks.


First session can last up to 2 hours & follow up sessions are 60 minutes.

Call our clinic in Hornchurch today to arrange an appointment on 01708 476677.